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Best Of Photography Gallery
photo gallery containing my best photos ever


behind each image is located a photo gallery

landscape photography photo gallery of the Dolomites in the Italian Alps
landscape photo gallery containing photos from around lake lucern (Vierwaldstättersee)
sports photo gallery shot on a Enduro Motocross race in Habach (Bavaria) called Dirt Days 2014
city and urban photography photo gallery shot in London
city and urban photography photo gallery of night shots in Dresden Germany
city photography from Vienna



view my Oktoberfest 2013 Lightpainting timelapse video

Oktoberfest 2013 Lightpainting

a Lightpainting Timelapse showing Munich's Oktoberfest attractions like you've never seen them before


view my Munich - City Of Lights Lightpainting Timelapse video

Munich - City Of Lights

Timelapse video of Munich at night, with some new Lightpainting effects. To create moving Lightpainting images I developped a small software tool on my own (see Web + Software Projects)


view my travel video from London

City Of London

when I visited the city of London in 2013 (always carrying my DSLR with me of course) I shot this video, showing all sights, street life and special places we saw, e.g. the view from The Shard, a more than 300m high building


view my GoPro Extreme SlowMotion video

GoPro Extreme SlowMotion

see some swimming pool jumps in extreme slowmotion shot with GoPro Hero 3 Black. Using Twixtor the raw shots were interpolated to up to 6400 fps!


view my Driving Through Munich at night 4K Timelapse

Driving Through Munich 4K

a car driving Timelapse through Munich's night in 4K. For shooting this I had to mount my DSLR on various positions on and in the car with a suction cup


view my Munich 4K Timelapse

Munich 4K Timelapse

this timelapse consists of clips from Munich - City Of Lights, which where shot in 4K.


view my Dresden 3D video

Dresden 3D

one day in Dresden's old town, shot completely in 3D using two standart camcorders on a self-built rig


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Tour Report

Transalp 2014

Mountainbike Transalp 2014

awesome 12-day MTB tour from Steinach (AT) to and around the lake Garda (IT). Check out this tour report with lots of photos!

Web + Software Projects


OEV - Convert a normal video into Lightpainting video!

OEV - Convert a normal video into Lightpainting video!

this is a small Java tool I developped to create Lightpainting video effects, as you can see in my Oktoberfest video and Munich - City Of Lights. Read my quick instruction and try it on your own!


Community Picture Frame

Community Picture Frame

a online slideshow that shows you the best photos from 500px. Your own ones, your friends photos, the most popular, ... whatever you like!