Lightpainting mounting camera onto car

When I was into shooting timelapse a lot, I once created a car timelapse (see below). But afterwards, I was surprised by the beauty of some of the single images, usually totally overlooked in the fast timelapse. Here are my two favorites:

1s – ISO 640 – aperture unknown

Turning left, having a metro bus in front of me.


1s – ISO 640 – aperture unknown

Another turn. This one is awesome because of the city lighting in front. As well worth a look are the reflections in the cars sheet.


I used a simple DSLR suction cup to mount by 600D (I added a security leash because I did not really trust it 😉 Especially because one time my GoPro loosened).

I’d recommend a low focal-length lens, to capture as much of the surroundings as possible. These photos are shot with a 8mm Fisheye. It turned out best to set shutter speed to a fixed value, and let ISO and aperture be chosen by the camera’s automatic.

How to trigger the camera? One possibility: Use a remote trigger and fix its trigger e.g. using a tape. Second possibility (recommended): Use Magic Lantern, because it offers the awesome feature „invalvometer“. This makes the camera shoot at a specified interval. So you could e.g. say „shoot an image every two seconds“.

Do you have any opinions, experience, feedback? Feel free to add them in the comments 🙂

And, as promised, here the video I originally intended to shoot:


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